God like Shri Rama Krishna got cancer was not because he did some bad karma in his past life.

 Rather, the real reason why Shri Rama Krishna got cancer was because he out of compassion voluntarily took upon himself many of the sins of his disciples.

 Now having understood the real cause behind Sri Ramakrishna is cancer. a follow up question then arises, which is that why did Sri Ramakrishna not use his immense yogic powers to cure himself of his throat cancer? 

After all, he was an after an incarnation of God. And so all the yogic parts of the universe for at his disposal. Why then did he not use these yogic powers to restore his health?

 Why did he have to go on suffering?

 Ultimately give up his body in Samadhi at him near 50 years of age. 

There are three reasons for this. So let us go through them one by one. We shall go through two reasons in this article. And the third reason which is the most important of them all we shall leave for the next article. 

So the first reason why Sri Ramakrishna paramhansa did not use yogic powers to cure his throat cancer has been detailed by the great sage himself.

 This reason has been faithfully documented by Sri Ramakrishna his direct disciple Swami abeyta Nanda in his book Rama Krishna khatam. Rita Swami Aveda Nanda documents that after Sri Ramakrishna contracted throat cancer one day a pundit by the name of sugar came to pay his respects to Sri Ramakrishna seeing his illness the pundits are Shri Rama, Krishna. 

Bhagwan Why don't you concentrate your mind on your disease throat and the Scorpio cancer finder chatter being well versed in the scripture had read that Yogi's had the power to kill themselves in this way. 

Shri Rama Krishna replied, how can I withdraw my mind from the lotus feet of God and turn it to focus on this cage of flesh and blood? 

Pandit chatter was not dissuaded. He then suggested that if Sri Ramakrishna did not want to use his yogic powers to cure his own illness, he should pray to the Divine Mother of the universe to do 

So. Shri Rama Krishna replied, when I think of the Divine Mother,
the physical body vanishes for me completely SM entirely out of it. 

And so it is impossible for me to pray for anything concerning the body. After hearing this pundits Shasha either stopped his line of questioning and bowed before Shri Ramakrishna and left. 

So what Shri Rama Krishna was conveying through this conversation was that he did not want to turn his mind away from its absorption in God consciousness and make it focus on the ills of the body.

 He had always stood. His disciples that the body is impermanent, then why go through so much trouble for the sake of something which will perish one day?

 Why not focus the mind on the imperishable on the deathless and the eternal that is on God Himself.

 So it was on account of his steadfast and unbreakable nishta are devotion to God, that Sri Ramakrishna refused to bring his mind down to the level of the body and focuses Yogi Parson curing it is the second reason why Sri Ramakrishna paramhansa did not use his yogic powers to cure his own throat cancer is a little deeper.

And this reason is that although,an author like Shri Rama Krishna has transcended the law of karma, and is in reality, the ruler and Master of it, still avatars like Shri Rama Krishna do not like to upset the balance workings of the law of karma unnecessarily. 

Therefore, they choose to work within the limits of the law. Note that the key word here is choose doctors can override the law of karma at a mere wish, but they choose not to. To understand this point better consider the analogy of a king who goes to a market in His Kingdom. 

While working in the market, the king sees a poor man who's very hungry, the king takes the man to a nearby store and buy some some some sauce.

 When the time comes to pay, the store owner tells the king that there is no need to pay for it was his pleasure to have served the king. But the king, however, insists on making the payment because he does not want to set the wrong example before his subjects. 

The King did not want his subjects to think that just because he was the king, he was above the law and therefore could get away without making any payments. 

For if the king said such an example before his people, then pretty
soon, other ministers and high ranking officials in his cabinet, too would be tempted to accept the freebies and favors from his subjects. 

And that just an orderly functioning of the kingdom would be disrupted, with the kingdom transforming into a den of corruption where bribery flourishes. 

So the king paid his dues and refrain from accepting a favor from the samosa sell. The after two takes a position similar to the king. The after out of compassion certainly removes the sins of certain worthy disciples. 

However, in order to avoid setting the wrong precedents before society, he chooses to pay for these sins himself by absorbing that karmic effects into himself. In this way, the avatar does not upset the adjust and balanced functioning of the law of karma, and himself pays the price of the bad deeds done by his disciples. 

This of course, is a choice that the author makes having taken birth in the earthly realm. He or she willingly accepts the limitations of the law of karma and chooses to stay within these limits instead of transcending them by doing so the after a while. 

The public display of supernatural powers because such extraordinary displays usually cause tremendous harm to devotees by setting before their weekend undeveloped minds exactly the wrong precedents. 

For example, if morally weak devotees see an after performing unrestrained forgiveness of past karma of each and every person, they will feel emboldened to commit all sorts of sins with impunity, because they will think that they only need to approach the after and all their past misdeeds will be forgiven, and they will not have to bear the karmic repercussions of their bad actions. 

If such a thing happens, the whole of society will soon be overrun by criminals.

 Yet another set of morally weak devotees at the site of such displays of supernatural powers by after hours will find a weakening in themselves the greed for possession of such supernatural powers with which they could increase their possessions well then control their minds flooded with unrestrained greed, these devotees would fall off from the path of God realization. 

So after hours and great sages, keeping the spiritual well being of devotees and of human society in mind, choose not to indulge in supernatural displays of powers, and instead willingly work within the limitations of the spiritual laws, such as the law of karma, which constrain and bind ordinary people.

Now, the third and the most important reason why Shri Rama Krishna did not use Yogi parts to cure his own cancer, but instead chose to withdraw into his subtle body and work from there. 

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